AutoWiz Car Inspection and Diagnostics

AutoWiz Vehicle Data analytics platform leverages connected car big-data including On-board diagnostics data from thousands of cars. Based on rich data analytics, we offer next generation Car Inspection, Diagnostics and Connected Workshops use cases to drive growth for multiple players in the Car Ecosystem.

Used Car Buy-Sell Platforms

Unvarnished, objective valuation of car based on real car condition data

Car Servicing Chains

Increased customer satisfaction and drive maintenance revenues

Fleet Owners

Prevent breakdowns and servicing cost optimization

Connected Workshops

Combine Workshop scanner data with telematics data

Car OEMs

On-road Proactive Diagnostics

Used Car Finance

Accurately Value the asset you are loaning against

Key Use Cases

Used Car Valuation Report

Traditional used car inspection and valuation involves physical internal and external checks carried out by a technician who scores the overall car based on a point based system. AutoWiz is taking that process a step further by offering an OBD based connected car solution that augments this Inspection report with an objective car performance and diagnostics report. Contact us to get a sample Inspection Report.

Objective Rating Report based on just 5 minutes of test drive data captured using AutoWiz Device

Comprehensive Report includes rating across various performance and maintenance parameters including Fuel Mileage, Power, Battery Condition, Coolant, Load, Idle RPM and Oxygen Sensors.

Diagnostic Trouble Codes classified as per specific subsystem, likely component and severity level. 

User friendly Inspection App to guide Inspector

Uses proprietary rating algorithms and insights derived from AutoWiz’s Historical Data of similar car make/model collected over years. 

Third Party API support to help integrate with your current Inspection App.

Used Car Valuation Report

Connected Workshop Solutions

Connected Workshop Solutions

AutoWiz offers platform and services to develop connected workshop solutions, including connected scanner applications for the workshops and central dashboards.

When a fault actually occurs, reduce repair time by building centralized diagnostics knowledge base. When the car comes for servicing, push the scanner data in the Workshop to the AutoWiz cloud where expert technician can guide the workshop mechanic.

Combine the workshop scanner data with telematics data for each vehicle to get accurate pre and post servicing performance monitoring. Progressively improve the efficiency of the repair and servicing process.