AutoWiz Vehicle Data Analytics Platform

Connected Vehicles presents a huge opportunity for OEMs to stay in touch with customers through the lifecyclce of vehicle ownership. AutoWiz Vehicle Data analytics platform allows you to be the center of the emerging connected vehicle ecosystem. AutoWiz is a fully managed telematics platform as a service that has built-in features that deliver better insights to your business. Use AutoWiz to leverage connected car data and push the boundaries in terms of customer loyalty, efficient operations and revenue growth.

Lauch Connected Vehicle Solutions

Offer Smart Vehicle experience for your customers

On-road performance analytics

Get real insights to improve vehicle design

Enhanced Post Sales Experience

Better aftermarket support to customers

Connected Workshops

Combine Workshop scanner data with telematics data

On-road Proactive Diagnostics

Make Servicing offers before breakdown occurs

Intelligent Infotainment

Apps and HMI Usage Analytics

Key Platform Use Cases

On-road performance analytics

Use AutoWiz to process and analyze the streaming connected vehicle CAN and other sensor data for getting unvarnished, real insights into the vehicle performance and fuel efficiency under various driving conditions over long period of time.

Compare and contrast performance and quality of various modules under different geographical conditions and driving patterns.

Understand driving style and feature preference of different segments of your customers over a period of time to optimize features for the next version.

On-road performance analytics

Launch and Scale Connected vehicle solutions

Launch and scale Connected Vehicle Solutions for vehicle owners

Connected vehicles presents a huge opportunity for OEMs to stay in touch with customers through the lifecycle of vehicle ownership and offer superior vehicle ownership experience.

AutoWiz production proven Vehicle Data Analytics Platform and customizable Apps for Vehicle and fleet owners enables you to launch and scale your Connected Vehicle offering at lower cost, with unique features and shortest time to market.

AutoWiz team can integrate the platform with your eco-system partners to offer a variety of location and car condition based services and information to your customers.

On-road Proactive Diagnostics

Use AutoWiz to monitor vehicle telematics data and offer service offers to customers before breakdown occurs.

By monitoring rapid wear on a component or any anomalous sensor data, you can offer mass customized and timely advice to customers to go in for a service or repair. This helps reduce costly downtime for customers and speed up repairs.

AutoWiz Platform helps you store and process large scale telematics data and formulate customizable rules. Our Machine Learning and predictive analytics services that run on top of the platform help you build proprietary models to predict failures.

On-road Proactive Diagnostics

Connected Workshops

Connected Workshops

AutoWiz offers platform and services to develop connected workshop solutions, including connected scanner applications for the workshops and central dashboards

When a fault actually occurs, reduce repair time by building centralized diagnostics knowledge base. When the car comes for servicing, push the scanner data in the Workshop to the AutoWiz cloud where expert technician can guide the workshop mechanic.

Combine the workshop scanner data with telematics data for each vehicle to get accurate pre and post servicing performance monitoring. Progressively improve the efficiency of the repair and servicing process.

Reduce Warranty Costs and Spare Inventory

Analyze patterns of diagnostic data across the population of your vehicles to predict warranty events and forecast inventory of spares in a particular region or a particular make.

Reduce warranty costs

Intelligent Infotainment

Intelligent Infotainment

Combine Customer's Infotainment Preference Data with Telematics data (such as average drive length, location, time of day) to offer more relevant in-car infotainment content to your customers.