AutoWiz Connected Car Solution

GPS Live Tracking and Location Intelligence
Monitor Driving Behavior, Fuel Consumption and Vehicle Health

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Make Your Car Smart

AutoWiz App on your mobile combines with AutoWiz OBD (On-board diagnostics) GPS device in your car to make your car a smart car and you a smart owner.


Real Time Car Tracking

See live location, driving path and current speed of your car. Review all past trip details.


Monitor Car Vitals on App

Each trip's Fuel Mileage, Engine Health Alerts, Low Battery and more


Ensure Safe Driving

Get Alerts for unsafe and wasteful driving. Progressively become better driver.


Get Key Notifications

Anti-theft Alarm, Weekly Usage Stats, Insurance and Service Reminders

Get AutoWiz OBD GPS Device

OBD (On-board Diagnostics), GPS Tracking device for cars. Simply plug the AutoWiz Device into the OBDII port of your car. View car data and insights in AutoWiz Mobile App. Works across car makes and models. One year subscription included.


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Plug In AutoWiz Device

Plug Device into Car's OBDII Port

Get AutoWiz App

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Start Driving

View car data in AutoWiz App

Key Features


Location Tracking and Notifications

  • Get Real-time Location, Status and speed of your car.

  • See detailed trip history and accurate driving path.

  • Set places of interest (such as your Home, Work) and get alerts when your car reaches your place.

  • Set up a geo-fence and get notified when your car enters or exits it.

  • Find directions to reach to your parked vehicle from your current location.

  • When needed, allow specific contacts to track your car location from their mobile.


Driving Behavior

Improve Driving Behavior

  • Our comprehensive Driving behavior monitoring alerts you in real time for rash and wasteful driving.

  • Safe driving alerts for Overspeeding, Sudden Braking, Hard Acceleration, Over-revving and Fatigue Driving events.

  • Our weekly Driving summary and Safe Driving Score trend helps you drive safer and save fuel.

Car Health

Fuel Mileage and Car Health

  • Track your car's performance and fuel mileage for each trip.

  • AutoWiz monitors your car's internal health so you never have to suffer an unexpected breakdown again.

  • Low Battery Voltage notification indicates if your Car's battery is starting to go down.

  • High Coolant temperature indicates if the engine is overheating.

  • Engine Diagnostics identify if there is any Engine related component malfunction and its severity.



Driving Trends and Key Reminders

  • See trend of your Car utilization and Driving Performance on daily, weekly and monthly basis.

  • Set your Last Car Servicing and Insurance dates and get timely reminders.

  • Personalize App by setting thresholds for various alerts and notification preferences.

  • Add multiple cars (each having AutoWiz Device) in the same App.


Anti-theft Alarm

  • Protect your car by setting an Anti-Theft Alarm on the App. Set up an alarm for set timings and days of week.

  • AutoWiz sends you notification on your mobile in case the vehicle is driven during the set time.

  • Also get an alert on your mobile in case the AutoWiz Device is plugged out from the car.


Are You a Fleet Owner Looking for Vehicle Tracking Solution?

Buy AutoWiz with our Fleet Management Solution.

Our web based Fleet Management Solution gives full visibility to manage your fleet of cars, vans or trucks. Makes fleet operations Safer and Efficient.


Lots of Love from People Around the World

Best GPS unit for this price!
Its my 3rd unit. I will never write reviews but this GPS unit is the best stuff you can get in the market. Its really good price for what you get."

- Jaroslaw, UK

Excellent Device, excellent customer service!
Bought this device about year back and since then it's working perfectly. Shows very accurate post of moving car along with speed. Had lot of other safety features also like battery health check etc.

- Harpreet Singh Dhillon, India

Best GPS Device (OBD Based) For Car!
Happy Driving with peace of mind

- Navin JK, India

Reliable tracker with wonderful customer support!
Must say I am very pleased with not just this tracker but also with AutoWiz's after-sales customer support. Simply worked out of the box in a true "plug and play" manner.

- Renu J, UK

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