Benefits of AutoWiz Fleet Management Solution

Real-Time GPS Fleet Tracking

Know where your vehicles are in real time, exact route taken at all times on a map and get vehicle location based notifications.

Ensure Safe Driving

Monitor rash driving behavior. Comprehensive Driver Safety scores to encourage safe driving.

Increase Operation Efficiency

Get detailed utilization and other downloadable reports of your fleet so as to optimize resources and increase profitability.

Vehicle Service Management

Smart and customizable vehicle service reminders, track service expenses.

Control Cost of Operations

Lower the maintenance costs of your fleet by monitoring fuel usage and wasteful driving behavior.

Vehicle Health Report

Keep track of vehicle's maintenance needs by remotely monitoring battery voltage, coolant temperatures, engine diagnostics

Anti-theft Alerts on Phone

Get notified on your phone if your vehicle is driven without authorization. Get key vehicle health and driving alerts on the go.

Guest Ride Management

Solution for ride booking, driver assignment and driver App to validate the ride, reduce paperwork and increase safety.

Works for your business

AutoWiz Fleet Management Solution is an advanced Web and Mobile based Solution that gives full visibility to manage your fleet. Solution integrates with AutoWiz's advanced OBD-GPS devices with several advantages over conventional GPS Devices. Highly suitable for fleet of cars, vans, trucks and buses, our solution provides high return on investment via improved efficiencies and cost savings. Access all the features from AutoWiz Mobile App (on Android or iOS) and AutoWiz Fleet Management Dashboard Web Application. Backed by excellent aftersales support and ongoing upgrades, the solution is in use at major corporates and fleets in several countries. Check out our attractive Pricing plans and Contact us to get the AutoWiz edge for your business.

In conjunction with Fleet Management, we also offer Route Planning and Optimization Solution that enables you to efficiently plan schedules and routes of your fleet of vehicles or field staff. Applicable for a variety of use cases across Logistics, Retail, Distribution, Last mile delivery, Employee Transport and Sales/Service Field Force Management, our Route Planning technology helps in optimizing operational costs and improve customer satisfaction.

Fleet Management

Key Features

AutoWiz Fleet Intelligence

Fleet Intelligence

Your fleet business intelligence dashboard gives you visibility of all aspects including fleet utilization, driving behavior, fuel consumption trends, fleet health and upcoming services. View trends and find actionable insights.

Live Tracking and Notifications

Tracking dashboard provides you the constantly auto-updated status of your vehicles in real time. Quick filters to focus on a particular vehicle of interest. Find current location, driving path and real time accurate speed of moving vehicles. Get vehicle location based notifications including geo-fences. Share vehicle location with your customers on demand via share link.

Live Tracking and Notifications

Trip History and Playback

Trip History and Playback

Trip history allows you to review and download the historical data of any vehicle for a specific date range. Review any past trip details including distance, fuel mileage and driving behavior during the trip. Use Trip Playback to review the exact path taken for any historical trip.

Fleet Safety and Security

Monitor rash driving behavior such as over-speeding, sudden acceleration and braking. Set anti-theft alarms on phone to get notified in case vehicle is driven without authorization. Compare cross driver safety scores and encourage safe driving practices. Real-time driving behavior dashboards and charts enable you to understand the severity of rash driving and take appropriate action.

Fleet Safety and Security

Fleet Health Monitoring and Service Management

Fleet Health and Service Management

Check your fleet's internal health including battery, coolant and engine diagnostics so you never have to suffer an unexpected breakdown again. Get Diagnostic Trouble Code details to understand the impact and severity of an alert.
Our Smart Service Management module enables customized vehicle service reminders based on mileage/time and prescribed service schedule. Track all your servicing history and expenses at one place.

Fuel Management

Monitor fuel consumption and reduce wasteful driving behavior such as Long Idling. Maintain Fuel log information and Compare Fuel Filled vs Fuel Consumed to identify any fuel theft or leakage.

Fuel Management

Find Deviation from standard Route

Monitor Route Deviations

Set Optimized Route from Trip History as a Reference Route and ask your driver to follow that Route. Use Route Deviation analysis feature to compare any route with the reference route and visually see the exact deviation and the deviated distance. Improve compliance and reduce fuel and time waste.

Rich Charts and Reports

Automatically get reports of distance, driving time, fuel consumed and other vital information to reduce manual mistakes and improve compliance. Get detailed vehicle utilization, fuel, driver performance and other downloadable reports of your fleet so as to optimize resources and increase profitability.

Rich Charts and Reports

Admin Features

Host of Admin Features

Manage Vehicle information, alert thresholds and categorize vehicles into groups and assign them to group managers. Manage multiple users of the platform with appropriate access privileges. Manage drivers and assign them to specific vehicles. Get Secure APIs to integrate relevant data into your internal Enterprise Applications.
For passenger/guest ride fleets, our Ride Management Module enables easy booking, tracking and ride summary functions.

AutoWiz now works with Alexa

Now you can use AutoWiz skill on Alexa to ask for your vehicle's current status and its live location. Example, start by saying "Alexa, ask Auto Wiz, where is my vehicle"

Also, know how far it is from a Place of interest to you (such as your home, office etc.), where that Place is added in the AutoWiz App or Fleet Management Platform. Also, ask AutoWiz skill to know your vehicle's recent fuel mileage and your vehicle's health report, including battery, Coolant temperature and Engine Diagnostics.

AutoWiz Alexa Skill
autowiz support in Amazon Alexa

AutoWiz Feature Checklist

Feature AutoWiz Fleet Management Subscription AutoWiz Standard Subscription
Live Tracking
Live Location of vehicle with path along with speed, current trip details Yes Yes
Share Vehicle location on demand with contacts
Yes Yes
Aerial view of all the vehicles in your fleet on one map
Yes No
Driving Behaviour
Overspeeding, Hard Accleration, Sudden Braking, Long Idling, Over revving
Yes Yes (Push Notifications)
Customizable email notifications for driving alert Yes No
Trip History
Historical Trip details including fuel mileage Yes Last 3 months
History Route Replay and downloadable reports
Yes No
Route Deviation (from Reference Route)
Yes No
Vehicle Diagnostics
Low Battery Voltage, High coolant temperature, Engine Diagnostic Trouble Codes Yes Yes (Push Notifications)
Geofence and Location based Alarms Yes Yes (Push Notifications)
Fuel management
Log fuel expenses for each vehicle
Yes Yes
Compare Filled vs Consumed fuel to detect any leakage Yes No
View and download Cross Vehicle, Cross Driver Reports
Yes No
View and download Vehicle utilization, driving behaviour, trip history and health reports Yes No
Edit Vehicle Profile and Alert Threshold Settings Yes Yes
Admin Features
User Management - Manage users in organization
Yes No
Driver Management - Manage and assign drivers to fleet Yes No
Categorize vehicles into groups and assign them to group managers
Yes No
Advanced Features
Route Planning and Optimization - Automatically create optimal routes for vehicles and field staff
Vehicle Service Management - customized vehicle service reminders, track service expenses
Add On Option No
Ride Management - Ride booking, driver assignment and Driver App Add On Option No


AutoWiz Fleet Management Solution Pricing (for UK)

1-10 Vehicles

  • Subscription Option 1: £7.99/month per vehicle paid six-monthly
  • Subscription Option 2: £7.49/month per vehicle paid annually
  • Activation Fee : £39/Vehicle
  • Enquire

11-25 Vehicles

  • Subscription Option 1: £7.49/month per vehicle paid six-monthly
  • Subscription Option 2: £6.99/month per vehicle paid annually
  • Activation Fee : £39/Vehicle
  • Enquire

26+ Vehicles

  • Subscription Option 1: £7.19/month per vehicle paid six-monthly
  • Subscription Option 2: £6.69/month per vehicle paid annually
  • Activation Fee : £39/Vehicle
  • Enquire