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Strategic Implications of Recent UBI regulation in India - Article by SenSight

Strategic Implications of Recent UBI regulation in India

Auto Insurers need to carefully analyse costs & benefits while forming strategy for Usage Based Insurance. Choosing right Business Model and Telematics Technology are key.

Prospects of Connected Auto Insurance in India

Prospects of Connected Auto Insurance in Emerging markets

Read our Viewpoint Article on Prospects of Connected Auto Insurance in India. We discuss the key growth drivers including Better Risk Pricing and Customer Engagement.


Insurance Telematics Buyer's Guide - 5 Key Questions Addressed

In our conversations with Auto Insurers, certain questions on Telematics Insurance come up quite often. We list the top 5 questions and how our Telematics solutions address these.


What’s driving the growth of Smartphone Telematics for Usage-based Insurance

Smartphone-based Telematics as the technology option for Usage-Based Insurance is a growing trend. We explain why?


Pandemic impact on Auto Insurance: shift towards UBI

The impact of COVID-19 has been felt in many lines of Insurance globally, including Auto Insurance. We discuss how its accelerating adoption of Usage Based Insurance.

Fleet Management


Your toolbox for Effective Fleet Maintenance

An often-overlooked benefit of Fleet Management is effective Fleet Maintenance. We highlight three ways in which our Customers use AutoWiz Fleet Management for Smart Fleet Maintenance.


Impact of economic driving behavior on fleet’s fuel cost

Economical driving behaviour can significantly reduce fleet's fuel expenses. Based on our fuel economy prediction model, we outline the top driving behaviour tips for improving fuel economy.


AutoWiz Fleet Management powers e-bike rental operations

Veelo Mobility, an Indian e-bike provider for Hyperlocal and Last Mile Delivery Services, uses AutoWiz EV Fleet Management solution for improving operational efficiency and asset utilization.


6 ways in which telematics technology can improve vehicle fleet management

With increased competition and rising cost pressures, fleet owners need data insights to drive efficiencies. We discuss 6 ways in which telematics can improve profitability.

Route Planning


Optimized Employee Scheduling – Challenges and Solutions

Automated Employee Scheduling enables organizations to optimally assign shifts to employees, while meeting varying demand and availability constraints. We discuss the Scheduling Challenges and Solutions.


Salesperson Beat Plan Optimization – Challenges and Solutions

Automated Beat Planning for Salespersons can help FMCG companies to improve Salespersons productivity in the field and increase sales. We discuss Beat Plan Optimization Challenges and Solutions.


Same Day Delivery – Fast-Growing Market with New Challenges

Same-day delivery is fast growing market that comes with its unique logistical challenges. We discuss some of the key challenges involved and how to make use of Route Planning Software to address them.


Last-mile Delivery Operations Challenges and Solutions

Fast paced growth in Last Mile Delivery business comes with several operational challenges. We suggest some specific technology interventions to address these challenges.

Connected Auto Ecosystem


AutoWiz Safe Driving Score – Safety Mark for your fleet of vehicles

While modern cars are becoming safer with enhanced passive and active safety features to prevent injuries to drivers and passengers, our roads are becoming unsafe for the vulnerable pedestrians, cyclists and motorcyclists. We talk about AutoWiz Safe Driving Score as a way to promote Safe driving.


Make Connected Vehicles work for your business

Connected vehicles generate a massive amount of data that presents a monetization and cost saving opportunity. Car-generated data may become a USD 450 - 750 billion market by 2030, as per McKinsey. We discuss the opportunity from Connected Vehicles Data.